day-old-ara-31Hello everyone,

my name is chicky (aka ‘splinty’ because I’m having trouble controlling my legs) and I’m an araucana chicken.  We araucana’s are actually a rare old chook, descended from Chile.  We lay eggs with bluish greenish tinted egg shells, which is pretty cool. I’ve been adopted by these two humans (you know… homo-sapiens…) and mum-mum, well… how can I say it… she’s just a bit nutty when it comes to chicks I think.

Splinty gets a fright


I had only chipped out of my shell only a few hours before mum-mum took my picture. It was a bit scary when the flash went though! I don’t know WHAT she was thinking… 

I was hatched with a whole heap of other chicks – 12 I think (mum-mum keeps counting us, so I’ve learned how to do that now). She has no idea which of us are boys or girls yet, and we’re not about to tell her either.  The boys will give us up eventually with their crowing and then we’ll see if she really loves us I guess.  She reckons that she will be able to figure it out in four weeks. Ha! She can try.  

I’ve been hatched for about 3 days now.  Mum-mum keeps exclaiming about how much we’ve grown, and Dad keeps going on about what a brilliant brooder he’s made us.  I must admist that the control knob on the light is pretty ingenious as they can control the temp in here pretty easily with it.  It’s quite amusing to see mum-mum fuss over the temperature all the time.  You know this morning she bounced out of bed real early to check on us (no sleep in today).  She couldn’t believe how much we’d eaten overnight –  but hey, we have a LOT of growing to do.  It’s almost painful, you know?  Have to keep stretching and flapping…  Our instincts are on overdrive(!)  ….and all this growing is rather tiring.  Mum-mum (and Dad too) keep laughing when one of us starts falling asleep on our feet.  Really, you’d think they’d be a bit more sympathetic.