I did know right from the start that mum-mum was rather taken with me.  She kept chatting to me and taking my photo… Then next thing I know she’s putting this bandaid splint-thing on my legs!!  splinted-chick It was very confusing for me because it made it very hard to stand up or walk… and really, I’d only just mastered doing it as it was.  

Dad and mum-mum had an argument too.  Dad had to hold me while mum-mum stuck this stuff to my legs.  Dad told her she was being ridiculous and overly dramatic.  I’m not sure what he meant.  

Mum had to consult with Backyard Poultry before she calmed down about it (see post).  It took her AGES to realise that she’d stuck a tiny bit of bandaid onto my wing.  Dad was the one who noticed, and he helped her cut it out of my fluff.  Anyway, the next day she took the splinty-thing off again, and after some adjustment time I think I have this walking this down to a fine art.  Also, this whole experience has shown me that I am truly her most favorite… after all she named ME first.