Fun & games of Day SixHey there! Yep, it’s me alright – Splinty.  Had to sort out one of the chicks today for mum-mum.  They were gettin’ really uppity, and it was all about nothin’.  I was just in a rush to get across the brooder and she goes and gets all aggro with me.  Dad thinks that it means were roosters – hmmnph! – he knows nothing (eye roll).  Anyway, everyone’s doing it today; jumping up and down and holding their wings in the air, swarking at each other.

Everyone seems just a bit hyped up or somethin’… and when Dad brings us some more worms as a treat… it just goes nut-zo in here.  You grab one and run and finally stop to munch-crunch it, and then… Fatso comes and grabs it!  I swear she eats almost all of them and doesn’t even bother with chewing – she just bolts them down.  Such a guts!

I heard mum-mum say to Dad that we’re all but gutz’s this morning though – she’s already complaining that we’re eating her out of house and home.  So she had to refill the food bowl more than twice today – big deal!  Can’t she see we’re growing FEATHERS here??  It’s hard work!  Duhh!