Ginger's wing

Good morning!  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Ginger, although sometimes mum-mum refers to me as ‘ginger-puss’- not sure why because I am a chicken after all.  I am an araucana cross chick and my egg mum was one of mum-mum’s isabrown egg-layers.  So… of all the hatchlings, mum-mum is quite certain that I will be a girl because unlike the others I have some sex-linked genetics and my browny-gold downy fluff.  Mum-mum thinks this means I’m a girl and  not a stupid cock-eral… :-).  

I’m six days old today!  Mum-mum cannot believe how fast my feathers are growing.  All this growing does make me hungry though, and it suits me to sleep near the food dish, sometimes with my head resting in it…

Ginger, 6 days old

 there’s no harm in that, it’s just convenient – why waste time and energy with all that rushing around that the others do?  

Anyway, I know mum-mum just loves me to pieces, because I’m so beautiful and pretty… and because of my lovely quiet temperament (especially in comparison to those wild araucana’s).