I’m not dancing.  And, no it’s NOT FUNNY!  


Mum-mum keeps flashing us with this hideous bright light and it’s seriously not good.  Poor Pippy hadn’t had her photo taken till today and she FREAKED.  She really lost her head over it.  Don’t think she’ll trust mum-mum ever again!

She took my wading pool away also last week and that made me really upset.  First she name’s me Flippy because she thought it was so cute how I liked to stand in the water dish all the time, and now she’s gone and taken it away from me!  Oh yeah, sure… she replaced it with a deeper one that doesn’t run out all the time, but it’s not exactly conducive to my wading preferences, because it’s too deep!

It’s chick-abuse, but no one’s going to believe we’re being abused by a child psychologist are they???  We need help… please, someone?? Dad is useless, he just laughs at us.  Thinks it’s funny when we stop dead in our tracks when he makes that loud noise that mum-mum calls farting…  And that’s just the noise… it only gets worse.  Please, help us.