familyMum-mum took a ‘family’ photo today of us all in the brooder today just to show you how much we’re all growing!   



Here’s a single shot of me as well – check out the feathers… Not bad hey?? These babies get me way airborne now, so much so that when mum-mum leaves the lid off the brooder I can clear the sides and land on top of the brooder no problem at all.  Dad-dad is appalled and impressed all at the same time.

Dad can’t help but question how many of us are going to be roosters…..  :-).  They really have no idea – ha haa!  We’re just going to keep them guessing.  


Dad-dad’s watching our behaviour and social posturing, mum-mum’s trying to check out our combs, feathering and how we hold our tails….  

Is quite funny listening to them speculate about it.  They haven’t got a chance…. Bet we can trick them right up to the first ‘crow’.