Pippi, 3-weeks-old

Hi I’m Pippi.  Today is my 3-week birthday.  My brothers and sisters and I are wondering what mum-mum has in store for us today, surely just moving us outside and installing a few new perches isn’t it???  We like the perches, sure, and they are cool to hang out on and stuff (the high perch is THE place to be seen, by the way) but surely we should be getting a supa serve of mealie worms for our birthday, right??

You might be wondering why I’ve not been featured in this blog more to date?  Well, I’m a bit shy, and unlike the others I don’t go bolting off to scramble all over mum-mum when she comes to talk to us.   Mum-mum has taken my photo before (under sufference I let her) but i’ve not been easy to photograph evidently…  today mum-mum was determined because she’s starting to speculate about what colours we will be when we grow up.  Mum-mum was hoping I might be ‘lavender’ but she’s just found out that me being lavender is probably a genetic long-shot, and that I’m more likely to be a pale blue or splash coloured bird.  Don’t ask me!  We chickens don’t have any greater insight into our genetic makeup than you homos… (homo-sapiens!  don’t you speak teen?)

Anyway – have to fly now. Bye bye…