Rufus, 9 weeks old

Hi!!  I’m Rufus.  I’m the latest and defiitely the most handsome additon to the family round here.  I am an Irish Terrier, and cute as a button according to mum.  I’m only 9 weeks old, but I’ve got mum running around after me already.  She won’t let me bark at those squarking things that smell like a very nice snack, so I’m humouring her for now.  She’s feeding me pretty well as it is, so I guess I can leave them alone.  There is this large fluffy white thing that stalks around every now and then too… I have no idea WHAT it is.  It’s not like me that’s for sure.  They seem pretty attached to it too… hmmm, no fun.

hatchings, third setting

The day I came home mum-mum hatched some more chicks too…  I can hear them chirping but I can’t find them…  they must be here somewhere.