Well, mum-mum had to give up on Dad and all his plans to build us our teenage chicken tractor.  We were getting too squashed up in the ol’ brooder box now we’re five weeks old, so mum-mum has put us into the “big girls” pen and put all the big girls and roosters together for awhile.  In the mean-time, I’ve heard Dad-dad ban mum-mum from any more “incubating” until he can catch up with the building.  She has eight (!) other chicks I’ve heard dad say.  Gee… she’s replaced us already!  First she starts selling us off, and now she’s hatchin’ others.

We’ve been in this new home for two sleeps now.  We have been very confused at night about where to sleep and mum-mum has had to come and settle us all down in the brooder box that dad had just cleaned out for the new chicks.  Well…  they CAN’T have IT yet….  ’cause  we still need it!  But, anyway… today we all might have figured out what mum-mum has been trying to tell us for two nights now… we can roost like proper grown up chook-chooks :-).  We tried it out today and mum-mum was very impressed with us.  We even figured out what this ramp is for, but it’s actually pretty easy for us to fly up there all by ourselves.

Oh!  And yesterday… completely forgot to tell you!  Guess wot??  Mum-mum sold more of us off again!  She sold Ginger and one of the blue chicks (mum-mum’s pretty sure they aren’t bros after all)…. but their new mum-mum seemed actually quite nice.  Mum-mum even introduced me to her and ‘Superbec’ said she’d look after Ginger for me so I guess that is ok.  Plenty of chicks around here for me anyway…

And ALL of this actually proves me right again. I, Splinty, am of course still mum-mum’s favouite (even though those who are betting that I’m a rooster are looking more and more spot on the money by every passing day).  Poor old mum-mum… bet she’s wondering how she can keep another rooster around here!!