Hey there!  Me Splinty again.  Mum-mum finds it hard to photograph me now I’m all grown up, so I haven’t featured lately in this ol’ blog… BUT I’m still here getting around the yard as fast as a road runner.  That’s wot mum-mum thinks we young cockerels look like – roadrunners!  Hmmpph!  She’s not sure if a few of my hatchlings are also girls or boys, she’s thinking there’s at least one more roostie amongst us.  

Did you see my lovely sickle feathers coming in on my saddle?  And my crest is growing in nicely too… Yep, I’m going to be another pretty boy in this yard.  Might have to challenge Roostie or Pedro to a dual soon – not sure about Roostie’s spurs though… am keeping clear of them for now. Maybe a crow off first might be the way to go.  Not that I’m crowing just yet… saving that up for now.  Don’t worry – am sure you’ll here about ihere first!

As I’m mum-mum’s favorite she’s not going to give me away though… well, that’s what I’m hearing anyway – she’s going to get dad-dad to build me my own cage and run!  Cool hey?  And ’cause dad-day loves me too, he’s going to build it. He hee!! Lucky Splinty.