chicks no more

araucana eggs

First eggs

They are chicks no more…  In their case we know what came first; it was the egg, not the chickens who now stand before you.  As a proud mum-mum, I am very pleased to tell you these girls have hit their egg-laying status in the flock and are laying some lovely blue-green eggs of their own.  Despite a very mild winter, the girls engaged in an extended period of free-loading and started laying after 7 looooooong months.  Of all the chicks hatched last season, there are only seven new egg layers in total. Thankfully most are laying blue eggs, but there are one of two olive green eggs in each daily clutch.

Fatso lays the greenest egg of them all, but she’s got so much personality that I can’t bear to part with her.  She is still the fastest chook of the bunch, and has a quick eye for tasty morsels – especially bugs.

Of Hatch Three, only one chicken has lived a full life. These chicks must have been inspired by Houdini as they were forever finding a way out of the coop.  “The Houdini’s” one by one disappeared, until there was only one (pictured above – standing in the middle).

Fffi’s bubba, Casper, also came to a tragic end when the coop flooded during one of Qld’s unseasonal and freakish storms…. and Mr Fox got Splinty just before he was old enough to crow his very first crow.  This made me very sad. As Splinty was so proud of telling you, he was most definitely my favorite, and he was growing into one handsome man.  His brothers, two black araucana’s, grew out into lovely boys and found good homes locally.  They now have their own flocks of girls to fuss over.

freerangingOf course the girls just love free-ranging.  They don’t get out as often as they used to because Mr Fox seemed to think that every few weeks he deserved a nice tasty meal of chicken.  He hasn’t had success for many months now, and the girls enjoy their roam whenever they get the chance.  Their only other problem is Rufus.  Even on a chain he’s learning how to stalk them – lucky they are just as fast on their feet as he is.

And it’s all about to begin again!  The incubator is running and has at least 5 little chicks growing inside the eggs.  18 September is the predicted hatch day…. can’t wait.