Welsummer chicks, 1 day oldThese five little darlings were sold to me as Welsummer chicks, which is a breed I have wanted for ages.  I was so excited to get chicks finally after lots of looking around for them.

There are four girls and one roostie (see right, with white mark on his head) in this bunch of day old chicks.

They are supposed to eventually lay lovely brown eggs for dad-dad’s breakfast.   Can’t wait to see them grow up 🙂

UPDATE (January 2012) – Many months later when these chicks are all grown and the rooster is crowing, I find a white egg and not a brown egg in the nest box.  I was gutted and turned to my trusty forum friends for assistance and soon found out that what I have been sold were Brown Leghorn’s, and not Welsummers….

I was devastated and very frustrated with the many months wasted on feeding these interlopers (grrr!!).  This among other things stopped me writing in this blog.  It’s taken many years to come back and update this entry. However, I did later got some Welsummers, but that’s a different story for another day.