Wellies, 2wks old The chicks previously believed to be Welsummers (and turned out not to be….!) are growing slowly but steadily.  They are no where near as hardy as the Araucana’s to hand rear and I lost one chick on day 4 to sudden illness. This was incredibly sad and I have been worrying about the rest of them ever since, but they’re doing ok. As chicks they have been very flighty and easily spooked, demonstrating what is meant by “You’re just chicken” very well.

Mister Kelloggs
Welsummer pulletThe roosties comb was the first to start showing, and much bigger than the girls. It seems like (from a very small sample) that Welsummers would be easy to sex as they grow, but maybe it’s easier because I already know he’s a rooster! Also, as they get older and their chest feathers start to grow, his are noticeably different as they are dark brown/black in colour and the girls are reddish brown.

Last weekend they moved outside to live like real chooken’s in the new chicken tractor.  Having them co-habitate with Chippie, Nutmeg and Casper was too stressful.  Chippie kept asserting his/her dominance and the poor Wellies were not sure how to take it…  Soooo, the ara’s were kicked out into the main coop (separated from the main flock) so the Welsummers could live in peace for a little longer.

Wellies, 5 wks old

We’re going to need a third run out there though… I can see it now…  so I have not reset the incubator again… four lots of chicks is enough at one time.