Mr Roostie

Mr Roostie



Blue araucana pullet







These are our ‘egg’ parents.  Most off us chicks come from eggs from Issy and Missy, but some of us are from Fifi too.  Missy and Issy lay the bluest of eggs, while Fifi’s are more greenish than blue.  

Mr Roostie was the man about town when our eggs were fertilised, but some of us came from eggs fertilised by Pedro.   Mr Roostie is a blue cockerel of well regarded breeding lines here in Brisbane, Australia,  He’s a gorgeous rooster who struts around the yard with a lovely stately gair and holds himself proudly at all times.  He’s actually got quite a lot of brown in his feathers, which means he’s not a pure blue, but magnificent all the same.  Mum-mum loves him almost as much as Dad I think.

Pedro is also a magnificent rooster, and his colouring of brown and black is quite rare in aras.

Issy and Missy (and Mr Roostie) came from the same breeder, and both are ‘Splash’ coloured.  Missy only has lightly coloured  ‘splashes’ in her feathering, but mum-mum suspects that she’s the one laying the bluest coloured eggs.  

Fifi is a blue pullet, and as you can see has the most attitude of the bunch.  She and Pedro were purchased in Qld, but from a breeder with a small flock of aras.  Mum-mum is quite certain Fifi is the one laying the green eggs (but she’s not 100% certain); and shows that her breeding line is less pure than the others, as to lay green eggs she’s beencrossed somewhere with a brown-laying hen, especially as some days she lays a real olive-green egg that Dr Seus would have been proud of; plus she’s the only one to lay every day.