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Chippie has grown into a lovely looking rooster and has a quiet temperament.

Nutmeg is a gorgeous coloured girl and quite friendly.




Wellies, 2wks old The chicks previously believed to be Welsummers (and turned out not to be….!) are growing slowly but steadily.  They are no where near as hardy as the Araucana’s to hand rear and I lost one chick on day 4 to sudden illness. This was incredibly sad and I have been worrying about the rest of them ever since, but they’re doing ok. As chicks they have been very flighty and easily spooked, demonstrating what is meant by “You’re just chicken” very well.

Mister Kelloggs
Welsummer pulletThe roosties comb was the first to start showing, and much bigger than the girls. It seems like (from a very small sample) that Welsummers would be easy to sex as they grow, but maybe it’s easier because I already know he’s a rooster! Also, as they get older and their chest feathers start to grow, his are noticeably different as they are dark brown/black in colour and the girls are reddish brown.

Last weekend they moved outside to live like real chooken’s in the new chicken tractor.  Having them co-habitate with Chippie, Nutmeg and Casper was too stressful.  Chippie kept asserting his/her dominance and the poor Wellies were not sure how to take it…  Soooo, the ara’s were kicked out into the main coop (separated from the main flock) so the Welsummers could live in peace for a little longer.

Wellies, 5 wks old

We’re going to need a third run out there though… I can see it now…  so I have not reset the incubator again… four lots of chicks is enough at one time.

new brooderDad-dad has been busy in the last few weeks making room for more chickens. With two hatches of Araucana and a third bunch on the way, broody hens in the coop (yes… Houdini and Pippi are acting very determindly broody), and the new Welsummers, there is potential for there to be not enough room for all these babies!  Dad-dad has not banned mum-mum from further incubation yet… but that can’t be too far away. Sooty and Eva are enjoying their new cat-proof broody box that is sitting on dad’s desk.  It’s a good temporary home while Dad-dad finishes the chicken-tractor for the ‘teenagers’ to move into, freeing up the broody palace again.

Nutmeg, Casper and Chippie had to live in the shower recess in the spare bathroom for five days, which became a stinky incentive for Dad-dad (who uses that bathroom every morning for a quiet contemplation on life) to finish the tractor started  in January of this year (isn’t mum-mum clever… :-)).

The teenage tractor is now pretty much finished… and fabulous!


Only needs a few finishing touches and all done; the water will be hung off the ground on a chain so height can be adjusted with the growing flock, and the roof is yet to be attached.  The food has been hung under cover so that it’s protected from the weather.

tractor from front

Nutmeg (pictured below) is growing out to be a gorgeous girl (well, we hope girl) and has amazing colouring.

Nutmeg, 6 weeks old

Chippie (pictured below) we suspect is a boy… but would be happy to  be wrong.  While you can’t see it in this photo, s/he has some reddish colouring on the comb, which can be a sign in Araucana at this age of roosterness.  Time will tell though…

Chippie, 6 weeks on

Casper is most shy and protests loudly when handled (sounds like she’s screaming at you) so did not perform well on today’s camera-shoot, but there is always another day.

Ginger Ginger was the much beloved pet of Bec, Tony and Malcolm.  She was head chook at her place, LOVED meal worms (… right to the end), and lay lovely green eggs that would have made Dr Seuss proud indeed (especially with her beautiful red feathers and those incredible whiskers!)Ginger, 6 days old

Ginger was the cutest of chicks, looking like a ginger puff ball.  She and Fatso were hatched from the brown eggs of my commercial brown and black layers who were living with my two Araucana roosters.  Ginger was from my very first set of hatchlings, and when Bec came to buy some Araucana chicks she was so taken with Ginger that it was only right that she go home with

I always knew Ginger was a cutie, but didn’t realise she’d grow out to be such a handsome girl!  You can tell from her picture that she was ALL personality.

I am sure she very much missed about the coop… except by whatever chook has taken over as head girl now :-).

Ginger, 4wks old

I also know she led the most privileged of lives that a chicken could possibly have…

Thank you Bec for giving Ginger such a good life, and don’t be too sad. xo

just out

Hatch 3 S2

Very tired little bubba’s still… just out of incubator a few hours. And if I had to make a bet, based on behaviour I would say Sooty is going to be a rooster… and Eva a hen. Sooty is the first to come and investigate when a hand enters the brooder; his instinct is definitely to peck first, ask questions later.

Welsummer chicks, 1 day oldThese five little darlings were sold to me as Welsummer chicks, which is a breed I have wanted for ages.  I was so excited to get chicks finally after lots of looking around for them.

There are four girls and one roostie (see right, with white mark on his head) in this bunch of day old chicks.

They are supposed to eventually lay lovely brown eggs for dad-dad’s breakfast.   Can’t wait to see them grow up 🙂

UPDATE (January 2012) – Many months later when these chicks are all grown and the rooster is crowing, I find a white egg and not a brown egg in the nest box.  I was gutted and turned to my trusty forum friends for assistance and soon found out that what I have been sold were Brown Leghorn’s, and not Welsummers….

I was devastated and very frustrated with the many months wasted on feeding these interlopers (grrr!!).  This among other things stopped me writing in this blog.  It’s taken many years to come back and update this entry. However, I did later got some Welsummers, but that’s a different story for another day.

ara chicks, 1 week old

Hatch 4, day old arauana chicksOn the afternoon of Friday 18 September, Nutmeg hatched out of her (?) egg.   Twelve hours later arrived Casper (the second) just in time for the beginning of ‘chicken hatching party’ held in their honour.  While the humans laughed and played, ‘Chippie’ slowly but surely chipped her way out of her egg, arriving Saturday evening amidst much anticipation and joy.  Despite being 24 hours younger than her chick-siblings, Chippie has held her own in the brooder today with Nutmeg and Casper II… who, by the way, have learned already how to coordinate their feet in scratching up their food!  Oh – and they are already growing tiny wing feathers… so cute!

Fifi & Casper

Fifi & Casper

With great pleasure and cluckiness, Ffif the Araucana (who has been broody for at least two months) would like to announce that her one and only chick, Casper, has arrived.  Fifi and bub have been relocated to the broody box to avoid the trampling of the rest of the growing hatchlings; however, she is one cranky clucky hen and dislikes ANY interference in her world and literally pecks the hands that feed her at any opportunity!  Fifi was most determined to hatch her own chick and persisted with broodiness despite frequent discouragement and being turfed off her eggs on multiple occasions.  Prior to this successful hatch, Fifi had a chick die in the shell that had successfully pipped all the way round the egg but didn’t break through the membrane inside the egg.  As a consequnce Fifi has most definitely earned her mothering rights following at least 50 days on the nest. Mum and bub are both doing well.

Tracking the development of a splash-coloured araucana chick.

Splinty, day old chick

Splinty, day old chick


Splinty with his fabled splint

Testing out the new wing feathers, one week old

Testing out the new wing feathers, one week old

Splinty, two weeks old

Splinty, 2 weeks old

Splinty, 3 weeks old

Splinty, 3 weeks old

Splinty hanging out on Dad-dad's desk

Splinty hanging out on Dad-dad's desk


Free-ranging at 4 weeks

Splinty at 5 weeks

Splinty at 5 weeks

Splinty, 7 weeks old

Splinty, 7 weeks old

Splinty, 10 weeks old

Splinty, 10 weeks old

Splinty, 15 weeks

Splinty, 15 weeks

Splinty, 19 weeks old

Splinty, 19 weeks old

Beautiful Splinty, 21 weeks old

Beautiful Splinty, 21 weeks old


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