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Fun & games of Day SixHey there! Yep, it’s me alright – Splinty.  Had to sort out one of the chicks today for mum-mum.  They were gettin’ really uppity, and it was all about nothin’.  I was just in a rush to get across the brooder and she goes and gets all aggro with me.  Dad thinks that it means were roosters – hmmnph! – he knows nothing (eye roll).  Anyway, everyone’s doing it today; jumping up and down and holding their wings in the air, swarking at each other.

Everyone seems just a bit hyped up or somethin’… and when Dad brings us some more worms as a treat… it just goes nut-zo in here.  You grab one and run and finally stop to munch-crunch it, and then… Fatso comes and grabs it!  I swear she eats almost all of them and doesn’t even bother with chewing – she just bolts them down.  Such a guts!

I heard mum-mum say to Dad that we’re all but gutz’s this morning though – she’s already complaining that we’re eating her out of house and home.  So she had to refill the food bowl more than twice today – big deal!  Can’t she see we’re growing FEATHERS here??  It’s hard work!  Duhh!


Ginger's wing

Good morning!  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Ginger, although sometimes mum-mum refers to me as ‘ginger-puss’- not sure why because I am a chicken after all.  I am an araucana cross chick and my egg mum was one of mum-mum’s isabrown egg-layers.  So… of all the hatchlings, mum-mum is quite certain that I will be a girl because unlike the others I have some sex-linked genetics and my browny-gold downy fluff.  Mum-mum thinks this means I’m a girl and  not a stupid cock-eral… :-).  

I’m six days old today!  Mum-mum cannot believe how fast my feathers are growing.  All this growing does make me hungry though, and it suits me to sleep near the food dish, sometimes with my head resting in it…

Ginger, 6 days old

 there’s no harm in that, it’s just convenient – why waste time and energy with all that rushing around that the others do?  

Anyway, I know mum-mum just loves me to pieces, because I’m so beautiful and pretty… and because of my lovely quiet temperament (especially in comparison to those wild araucana’s).

flippy-gets-the-wormOur lunch snack today was meal worms… yum!!  Dad got over his squeamishness about handling them because he wanted to feed us.  When the worms came out, everyone started running around like mad things, and the cheeping and noise was ridiculous as chicks ran in all directions with worms.  Fatso got the most today – Speedy was really off form.  Oh well.

You might wonder why mum-mum has called me Flippy- well it’s because I’m the chick most likely to be found standing in the water bowl.  It reminds me of my egg and is soothing to me.  You think I’m exaggerating?  Check back here on this post (who’s taking the swimming lesson??)

I like it… so??  It doesn’t make me a big baby!

Speedy, 2 days old



Speedy, 2 days old

Well hello there!

My name is Speedy, and mum-mum dubbed me ‘speedy’ as I was the first chick to master jumping out of the brooder when the hatch is opened.  I’ve gotten very good at it actually.  Others have figured it out too – Fatso can do it, and so can Splinty.  Pippi could if she tried, but she doesn’t bother much.  Some of the other chicks are just hopeless at it and can’t seem to get enough air under their wings to clear the side.  Why bother?  Well, I noticed pretty early on that the hatch opening meant that some juicy morsel might be coming our way and I really didn’t want to miss out -especially as Fatso is so dammed fast at grabbing the treats!  I heard Dad say he’s making plans to increase the height of the hatch opening…. Hmmm, that will just make it more of a challenge!

5 day-old araucana x black hybrid-layer cross

Fatso, 5 days old

Perhaps it’s not very nice for us to call him Fatso, but hey – it’s her problem if she gets all bent out of shape over it.  Shee is, after all, not like us pure breed araucana’s – her egg mum was a black layer, and everyone knows that they are really “common”.

swimming-lessons1You might be  wondering what we’ve been up to today.  Well, mum-mum installed a swimming pool for us – yeah it was great until we all got wet and cold… and tired. Everyone kept trying to burrow under to get to the  best and warmest spot under the heat lamp,  and then everyone would cheep and shuffle… and we’d almost be settled and asleep, then… Bam!  Someone else goes and tries to steal the best spots.  It was incredibly annoying, but mum-mum fixed it.  She turned the heat up and we all zonked out for ages…

action-packed-day4Gee we had some fun today!!  We learned this great new trick – scratching and digging.  Mum-mum was impressed and flabbergasted all at the same time as she kept having to clean out our water bowl.  We also ate a LOT of food today, and Dad gave us some more of those wriggly things… wow they taste so good, but you have to be fast because Fatso (eye  roll) gets in real quick and runs away wih the lot!

I did know right from the start that mum-mum was rather taken with me.  She kept chatting to me and taking my photo… Then next thing I know she’s putting this bandaid splint-thing on my legs!!  splinted-chick It was very confusing for me because it made it very hard to stand up or walk… and really, I’d only just mastered doing it as it was.  

Dad and mum-mum had an argument too.  Dad had to hold me while mum-mum stuck this stuff to my legs.  Dad told her she was being ridiculous and overly dramatic.  I’m not sure what he meant.  

Mum had to consult with Backyard Poultry before she calmed down about it (see post).  It took her AGES to realise that she’d stuck a tiny bit of bandaid onto my wing.  Dad was the one who noticed, and he helped her cut it out of my fluff.  Anyway, the next day she took the splinty-thing off again, and after some adjustment time I think I have this walking this down to a fine art.  Also, this whole experience has shown me that I am truly her most favorite… after all she named ME first.


day-old-ara-31Hello everyone,

my name is chicky (aka ‘splinty’ because I’m having trouble controlling my legs) and I’m an araucana chicken.  We araucana’s are actually a rare old chook, descended from Chile.  We lay eggs with bluish greenish tinted egg shells, which is pretty cool. I’ve been adopted by these two humans (you know… homo-sapiens…) and mum-mum, well… how can I say it… she’s just a bit nutty when it comes to chicks I think.

Splinty gets a fright


I had only chipped out of my shell only a few hours before mum-mum took my picture. It was a bit scary when the flash went though! I don’t know WHAT she was thinking… 

I was hatched with a whole heap of other chicks – 12 I think (mum-mum keeps counting us, so I’ve learned how to do that now). She has no idea which of us are boys or girls yet, and we’re not about to tell her either.  The boys will give us up eventually with their crowing and then we’ll see if she really loves us I guess.  She reckons that she will be able to figure it out in four weeks. Ha! She can try.  

I’ve been hatched for about 3 days now.  Mum-mum keeps exclaiming about how much we’ve grown, and Dad keeps going on about what a brilliant brooder he’s made us.  I must admist that the control knob on the light is pretty ingenious as they can control the temp in here pretty easily with it.  It’s quite amusing to see mum-mum fuss over the temperature all the time.  You know this morning she bounced out of bed real early to check on us (no sleep in today).  She couldn’t believe how much we’d eaten overnight –  but hey, we have a LOT of growing to do.  It’s almost painful, you know?  Have to keep stretching and flapping…  Our instincts are on overdrive(!)  ….and all this growing is rather tiring.  Mum-mum (and Dad too) keep laughing when one of us starts falling asleep on our feet.  Really, you’d think they’d be a bit more sympathetic.

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We are a bunch of araucana chicks growing up in Brisbane, Australia. We have a dedicated human family:- There's mum-mum and dad-dad, a cat named Sasha, and most recently a puppy they call Rufus... as well as an extended family of other chooks. Mum-mum has hand reared us in a broody palace that dad built us, but eventually as we get bigger... we make our way into the big outside world.



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