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Pippi, 3-weeks-old

Hi I’m Pippi.  Today is my 3-week birthday.  My brothers and sisters and I are wondering what mum-mum has in store for us today, surely just moving us outside and installing a few new perches isn’t it???  We like the perches, sure, and they are cool to hang out on and stuff (the high perch is THE place to be seen, by the way) but surely we should be getting a supa serve of mealie worms for our birthday, right??

You might be wondering why I’ve not been featured in this blog more to date?  Well, I’m a bit shy, and unlike the others I don’t go bolting off to scramble all over mum-mum when she comes to talk to us.   Mum-mum has taken my photo before (under sufference I let her) but i’ve not been easy to photograph evidently…  today mum-mum was determined because she’s starting to speculate about what colours we will be when we grow up.  Mum-mum was hoping I might be ‘lavender’ but she’s just found out that me being lavender is probably a genetic long-shot, and that I’m more likely to be a pale blue or splash coloured bird.  Don’t ask me!  We chickens don’t have any greater insight into our genetic makeup than you homos… (homo-sapiens!  don’t you speak teen?)

Anyway – have to fly now. Bye bye…


Mum-mum sold two us!  Yes, I can’t believe it either.  I thought she LOVED us!! Ok, so she hadn’t given us all names yet, but that’s hardly cause for alarm. I can’t believe she did that.  She sold one of the blue’s brothers (or sisters??). There were five of us and now there are only four.  I know we’re getting bigger and have become a little stinky… and loud…. and perhaps not quite as adorable as we were straight out of the egg…. but hey!  Selling some of us was really uncalled for!  

That’s me on the left of the group, yep ‘speedily’ looking for an exit.  Bub’s not with us in this pic – he’s the baby of the group, last hatched and the runt of the flock. Bub-bub always tries avoid getting picked up .  

the Blues Brothers

the Blues Brothers

You might be wondering who else got sold?  The chick (formerly known as Elvis) with the weird head gear.  Elvis had attitude (or at least feathers with attitude!) and while’s s/he’s an attractive lookin’ ara, mum-mum was ok with Elvis… leaving the brooder.

Oh, and don’t panic – Splinty and Fatso and Ginger and Flippy are all still here…  Seems she still loves some of us.

Bye for now…  Speedy.



Elvis has left the brooder!

Elvis has left the brooder

familyMum-mum took a ‘family’ photo today of us all in the brooder today just to show you how much we’re all growing!   



Here’s a single shot of me as well – check out the feathers… Not bad hey?? These babies get me way airborne now, so much so that when mum-mum leaves the lid off the brooder I can clear the sides and land on top of the brooder no problem at all.  Dad-dad is appalled and impressed all at the same time.

Dad can’t help but question how many of us are going to be roosters…..  :-).  They really have no idea – ha haa!  We’re just going to keep them guessing.  


Dad-dad’s watching our behaviour and social posturing, mum-mum’s trying to check out our combs, feathering and how we hold our tails….  

Is quite funny listening to them speculate about it.  They haven’t got a chance…. Bet we can trick them right up to the first ‘crow’.

splinty-17-days-old Howdy.  Ummm, yeah… I know! Wot has happenned to my body??  One minute I’m all cute and fluffy, and then all of a sudden my legs are double the length and the feathers are taking over!  But -I’m still the same ol’ Splinty deep down inside and you can trust me to be in the thick of it, ready to grab a treat from mum-mum.  Actually, mum-mum’s been back a work for a week, so we see more of Dad these days, and he’s always good to us and brings us worms and more water.  Heard him complaining about having to refill the water bowls three times to mum-mum last night.  He hee… it’s great fun splashing all the water out of them.  Mum-mum cleaned our cage out the other day and put us into this massive jungle world -it was TERRIFYING because we couldn’t see our warm-light and there was this weird white mesh that we couldn’t see real well… and we kept running into it.  I was hysterical… it’s a bit embarrassing, but I couldn’t stop cheeping.  Dad said it was ear-splitting and told mum-mum just to walk AWAY!!! Anyway,she kept talking to us and eventually we calmed down and just got on with eating again.  She gave us some corn too and that stopped me thinking about the giant green stalks that stretched up above me.  Was very glad to go home again though…


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We are a bunch of araucana chicks growing up in Brisbane, Australia. We have a dedicated human family:- There's mum-mum and dad-dad, a cat named Sasha, and most recently a puppy they call Rufus... as well as an extended family of other chooks. Mum-mum has hand reared us in a broody palace that dad built us, but eventually as we get bigger... we make our way into the big outside world.



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