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Mum-mum decided that today she was going to open the “worm-gate” and really and truly let us out of the brooder!  We’ve been a bit cramped because someone  *eyeroll*  (hint – he refers to poor mum-mum as a NAG, which is so untrue and VERY unkind…) has not built our adolescent quarters yet…  despite many promises and excuses over the last week…

freerangingIt was thrilling and terrifying all at the same time being allowed out and about.  We’d scuttle out and eat grass… and pick at things… and then someone would get a fright and jump vertically in the air (totally clearing the brooder…), and screech! Then we’d all burn rubber back into our safe broody box for awhile (about 20 seconds, actually) and then we’d all go and do it again.

Of course, I actually wasn’t scared at all.  I thought it was pretty cool…  I was pretty cool actually, and got a good strut going.  I did a full lap of the brooder – it was fine.  

Ginger, 4wks old

Ginger, 4wks old

It’s not like mum-mum wasn’t there the whole time and if we (erhmm… *cough*) the others freaked out she’d just call to us and we’d run to her and see the worm-gate and climb back inside. Ginger was pretty cool with it all too – she’s one classy chick, even though she’s a cross-breed – it’s the legs I think that do it for me, she’s just so leggy and poised….

Mum-mum took my photo again for all my cyber-fans…  Guess wot?? I’m a month old now.

Anyway, catch ya.




Introducing Sticky

Well, this week’s big news is that we’re all growing tufts on our heads and are looking pretty kooky.  Dad can’t believe how BIG we’re getting. We’re almost four weeks old too so mum-mum is hoping she might be able to tell which of us are boys and girls soon.  She still has absolutely no clues.  Poor mum-mum.

We’ve like quadrupled in size – maybe even more.  Our legs are getting to be thick and long, and we’re getting bald patches as our feathers grow and our baby fluff falls out….  we’re not chicks anymore, that’s for sure.  


Splinty sings to Dad-dad

Check out Splinty’s legs in the photo below.  He was chiruping his guts out when mum-mumput him on dad’s desk.  He is one loud chicken.  I was too scared to let go of mum-mum when she brought me inside – so she’s called me ‘Sticky’.  We blue’s bro’shave been hard to tell apart (other than Speedy) so she hasn’t gotten around to naming us all.  It’s nice to have a name now, even if it mocks me about my natural anxieties.  I’m not like Splinty who can be bought off with a few mealies!

Dad-dad’s supposed to be starting our new coop today – he’s got to get it done this weekend… these baby quarters are getting a bit too cosy and we need more room to run around. When mum-mum lifts the lid off the brooder these days – half of us launch ourselves onto the top lip.  Well, as the saying says… the early bird gets the worm.  Around here you have to be the early bird if you’ve going to get anything with ol’ Fatso around.

Anyway, its been nice talking to you.  See you later. Sticky.


Check out our brooder sitting on grass… quite a different view out here on dad-dad’s prized lawn. even though dad hasn’t lived in NZ since he was an apprentice, he still dreams of great green expanses of  . . .  g r a s s .   He just loves the stuff.  And I mean, grass, literally.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain here in Qld of late and the grass has turned green again, without Dad having to water it either.


Do you like our new perches?  Mum-mum installed them this week while dad-dad was sick.  We think they’re pretty great too- but we still like to huddle under the heat lamp at night.  Yep, that’s me Splinty at the front of the cage there.  Not moving from the front line while mum-mum’s in sight.  Never know when she might bring us some treats…. worms, corn on the cob…. mmmm…. zucchini’s not bad either.

Mum-mum brought me inside for a photoshoot on Dad’s desk this week and she fed me tons of mealie worms… they were great.  I rewarded mum-mum with some lovin’ too – now she really LOVES me.  Dad-dad asked today what would she do if I turned out to be a rooster and she said “We can’t get rid of Splinty!!”  Lol – that’s good news for me.  My cunning plan has worked.


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We are a bunch of araucana chicks growing up in Brisbane, Australia. We have a dedicated human family:- There's mum-mum and dad-dad, a cat named Sasha, and most recently a puppy they call Rufus... as well as an extended family of other chooks. Mum-mum has hand reared us in a broody palace that dad built us, but eventually as we get bigger... we make our way into the big outside world.



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