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Hey there!  Me Splinty again.  Mum-mum finds it hard to photograph me now I’m all grown up, so I haven’t featured lately in this ol’ blog… BUT I’m still here getting around the yard as fast as a road runner.  That’s wot mum-mum thinks we young cockerels look like – roadrunners!  Hmmpph!  She’s not sure if a few of my hatchlings are also girls or boys, she’s thinking there’s at least one more roostie amongst us.  

Did you see my lovely sickle feathers coming in on my saddle?  And my crest is growing in nicely too… Yep, I’m going to be another pretty boy in this yard.  Might have to challenge Roostie or Pedro to a dual soon – not sure about Roostie’s spurs though… am keeping clear of them for now. Maybe a crow off first might be the way to go.  Not that I’m crowing just yet… saving that up for now.  Don’t worry – am sure you’ll here about ihere first!

As I’m mum-mum’s favorite she’s not going to give me away though… well, that’s what I’m hearing anyway – she’s going to get dad-dad to build me my own cage and run!  Cool hey?  And ’cause dad-day loves me too, he’s going to build it. He hee!! Lucky Splinty.


Tracking the development of a splash-coloured araucana chick.

Splinty, day old chick

Splinty, day old chick


Splinty with his fabled splint

Testing out the new wing feathers, one week old

Testing out the new wing feathers, one week old

Splinty, two weeks old

Splinty, 2 weeks old

Splinty, 3 weeks old

Splinty, 3 weeks old

Splinty hanging out on Dad-dad's desk

Splinty hanging out on Dad-dad's desk


Free-ranging at 4 weeks

Splinty at 5 weeks

Splinty at 5 weeks

Splinty, 7 weeks old

Splinty, 7 weeks old

Splinty, 10 weeks old

Splinty, 10 weeks old

Splinty, 15 weeks

Splinty, 15 weeks

Splinty, 19 weeks old

Splinty, 19 weeks old

Beautiful Splinty, 21 weeks old

Beautiful Splinty, 21 weeks old

;-araucana chick, 2 wks old

Gidday, I’m one of mum-mum’s “hatch-three” chickies.  She thinks I’m pretty cute.  Well, I am…  I guess 🙂

Mum-mum been a bit distracted the last few weeks and ignoring us.  We squark when she picks us up, and she can’t believe the fuss we make.  She’s been feeding us chick starter mash, and today… she discovered that our crops are full as a goog – I don’t believe she thought they could get so full!  He-hee.  Well, they can!

Me and my chicky-siblings are all pretty much the same colour.  Some of us have some yellow around our necks, but not much – mum-mum is very curious about what colours we’ll end up (see

She’s also hoping we’re girls too, because she’s got no idea what sex the last lot was and is concerned that six of the remaining eight might ALL be roosters!  LOL – time will tell.


Check out our brooder sitting on grass… quite a different view out here on dad-dad’s prized lawn. even though dad hasn’t lived in NZ since he was an apprentice, he still dreams of great green expanses of  . . .  g r a s s .   He just loves the stuff.  And I mean, grass, literally.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain here in Qld of late and the grass has turned green again, without Dad having to water it either.


Do you like our new perches?  Mum-mum installed them this week while dad-dad was sick.  We think they’re pretty great too- but we still like to huddle under the heat lamp at night.  Yep, that’s me Splinty at the front of the cage there.  Not moving from the front line while mum-mum’s in sight.  Never know when she might bring us some treats…. worms, corn on the cob…. mmmm…. zucchini’s not bad either.

Mum-mum brought me inside for a photoshoot on Dad’s desk this week and she fed me tons of mealie worms… they were great.  I rewarded mum-mum with some lovin’ too – now she really LOVES me.  Dad-dad asked today what would she do if I turned out to be a rooster and she said “We can’t get rid of Splinty!!”  Lol – that’s good news for me.  My cunning plan has worked.

Pippi, 3-weeks-old

Hi I’m Pippi.  Today is my 3-week birthday.  My brothers and sisters and I are wondering what mum-mum has in store for us today, surely just moving us outside and installing a few new perches isn’t it???  We like the perches, sure, and they are cool to hang out on and stuff (the high perch is THE place to be seen, by the way) but surely we should be getting a supa serve of mealie worms for our birthday, right??

You might be wondering why I’ve not been featured in this blog more to date?  Well, I’m a bit shy, and unlike the others I don’t go bolting off to scramble all over mum-mum when she comes to talk to us.   Mum-mum has taken my photo before (under sufference I let her) but i’ve not been easy to photograph evidently…  today mum-mum was determined because she’s starting to speculate about what colours we will be when we grow up.  Mum-mum was hoping I might be ‘lavender’ but she’s just found out that me being lavender is probably a genetic long-shot, and that I’m more likely to be a pale blue or splash coloured bird.  Don’t ask me!  We chickens don’t have any greater insight into our genetic makeup than you homos… (homo-sapiens!  don’t you speak teen?)

Anyway – have to fly now. Bye bye…

Mum-mum sold two us!  Yes, I can’t believe it either.  I thought she LOVED us!! Ok, so she hadn’t given us all names yet, but that’s hardly cause for alarm. I can’t believe she did that.  She sold one of the blue’s brothers (or sisters??). There were five of us and now there are only four.  I know we’re getting bigger and have become a little stinky… and loud…. and perhaps not quite as adorable as we were straight out of the egg…. but hey!  Selling some of us was really uncalled for!  

That’s me on the left of the group, yep ‘speedily’ looking for an exit.  Bub’s not with us in this pic – he’s the baby of the group, last hatched and the runt of the flock. Bub-bub always tries avoid getting picked up .  

the Blues Brothers

the Blues Brothers

You might be wondering who else got sold?  The chick (formerly known as Elvis) with the weird head gear.  Elvis had attitude (or at least feathers with attitude!) and while’s s/he’s an attractive lookin’ ara, mum-mum was ok with Elvis… leaving the brooder.

Oh, and don’t panic – Splinty and Fatso and Ginger and Flippy are all still here…  Seems she still loves some of us.

Bye for now…  Speedy.



Elvis has left the brooder!

Elvis has left the brooder

splinty-17-days-old Howdy.  Ummm, yeah… I know! Wot has happenned to my body??  One minute I’m all cute and fluffy, and then all of a sudden my legs are double the length and the feathers are taking over!  But -I’m still the same ol’ Splinty deep down inside and you can trust me to be in the thick of it, ready to grab a treat from mum-mum.  Actually, mum-mum’s been back a work for a week, so we see more of Dad these days, and he’s always good to us and brings us worms and more water.  Heard him complaining about having to refill the water bowls three times to mum-mum last night.  He hee… it’s great fun splashing all the water out of them.  Mum-mum cleaned our cage out the other day and put us into this massive jungle world -it was TERRIFYING because we couldn’t see our warm-light and there was this weird white mesh that we couldn’t see real well… and we kept running into it.  I was hysterical… it’s a bit embarrassing, but I couldn’t stop cheeping.  Dad said it was ear-splitting and told mum-mum just to walk AWAY!!! Anyway,she kept talking to us and eventually we calmed down and just got on with eating again.  She gave us some corn too and that stopped me thinking about the giant green stalks that stretched up above me.  Was very glad to go home again though…


I’m not dancing.  And, no it’s NOT FUNNY!  


Mum-mum keeps flashing us with this hideous bright light and it’s seriously not good.  Poor Pippy hadn’t had her photo taken till today and she FREAKED.  She really lost her head over it.  Don’t think she’ll trust mum-mum ever again!

She took my wading pool away also last week and that made me really upset.  First she name’s me Flippy because she thought it was so cute how I liked to stand in the water dish all the time, and now she’s gone and taken it away from me!  Oh yeah, sure… she replaced it with a deeper one that doesn’t run out all the time, but it’s not exactly conducive to my wading preferences, because it’s too deep!

It’s chick-abuse, but no one’s going to believe we’re being abused by a child psychologist are they???  We need help… please, someone?? Dad is useless, he just laughs at us.  Thinks it’s funny when we stop dead in our tracks when he makes that loud noise that mum-mum calls farting…  And that’s just the noise… it only gets worse.  Please, help us.

Hi everyone, well we’ve had a real busy week this week and we’re actually officially two weeks old now!  Mum-mum and Dad cannot BELIEVE how much we a) eat, b) run amok, and c) or how fast we grow.  We’re losing our baby-fluff (poor mum-mum, this makes her sad…) and flappin’ up a storm.  Our wing feathers are coming in well and we’re loving it (think Kramer from Seinfeld and you might have some idea of what’s happenin’  in the ol’ brooder.  Yep – it’s been an action-packed week of full-on eating,  jumping, flapping, eating, squarking, growing, eating… and attitude!

Mum-mum’s been taking LOTS of photos of us, so she be posting a bit in the next day or so more updates from the coop. Until then… enjoy the video dad-dad has prepared for your viewing pleasure (ooops…  sorry, were not allowed to call him that – makes him feel silly :-)).

Catch ya later…


Splinty, two weeks old


Fun & games of Day SixHey there! Yep, it’s me alright – Splinty.  Had to sort out one of the chicks today for mum-mum.  They were gettin’ really uppity, and it was all about nothin’.  I was just in a rush to get across the brooder and she goes and gets all aggro with me.  Dad thinks that it means were roosters – hmmnph! – he knows nothing (eye roll).  Anyway, everyone’s doing it today; jumping up and down and holding their wings in the air, swarking at each other.

Everyone seems just a bit hyped up or somethin’… and when Dad brings us some more worms as a treat… it just goes nut-zo in here.  You grab one and run and finally stop to munch-crunch it, and then… Fatso comes and grabs it!  I swear she eats almost all of them and doesn’t even bother with chewing – she just bolts them down.  Such a guts!

I heard mum-mum say to Dad that we’re all but gutz’s this morning though – she’s already complaining that we’re eating her out of house and home.  So she had to refill the food bowl more than twice today – big deal!  Can’t she see we’re growing FEATHERS here??  It’s hard work!  Duhh!


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