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Ginger Ginger was the much beloved pet of Bec, Tony and Malcolm.  She was head chook at her place, LOVED meal worms (… right to the end), and lay lovely green eggs that would have made Dr Seuss proud indeed (especially with her beautiful red feathers and those incredible whiskers!)Ginger, 6 days old

Ginger was the cutest of chicks, looking like a ginger puff ball.  She and Fatso were hatched from the brown eggs of my commercial brown and black layers who were living with my two Araucana roosters.  Ginger was from my very first set of hatchlings, and when Bec came to buy some Araucana chicks she was so taken with Ginger that it was only right that she go home with

I always knew Ginger was a cutie, but didn’t realise she’d grow out to be such a handsome girl!  You can tell from her picture that she was ALL personality.

I am sure she very much missed about the coop… except by whatever chook has taken over as head girl now :-).

Ginger, 4wks old

I also know she led the most privileged of lives that a chicken could possibly have…

Thank you Bec for giving Ginger such a good life, and don’t be too sad. xo



Mum-mum decided that today she was going to open the “worm-gate” and really and truly let us out of the brooder!  We’ve been a bit cramped because someone  *eyeroll*  (hint – he refers to poor mum-mum as a NAG, which is so untrue and VERY unkind…) has not built our adolescent quarters yet…  despite many promises and excuses over the last week…

freerangingIt was thrilling and terrifying all at the same time being allowed out and about.  We’d scuttle out and eat grass… and pick at things… and then someone would get a fright and jump vertically in the air (totally clearing the brooder…), and screech! Then we’d all burn rubber back into our safe broody box for awhile (about 20 seconds, actually) and then we’d all go and do it again.

Of course, I actually wasn’t scared at all.  I thought it was pretty cool…  I was pretty cool actually, and got a good strut going.  I did a full lap of the brooder – it was fine.  

Ginger, 4wks old

Ginger, 4wks old

It’s not like mum-mum wasn’t there the whole time and if we (erhmm… *cough*) the others freaked out she’d just call to us and we’d run to her and see the worm-gate and climb back inside. Ginger was pretty cool with it all too – she’s one classy chick, even though she’s a cross-breed – it’s the legs I think that do it for me, she’s just so leggy and poised….

Mum-mum took my photo again for all my cyber-fans…  Guess wot?? I’m a month old now.

Anyway, catch ya.



familyMum-mum took a ‘family’ photo today of us all in the brooder today just to show you how much we’re all growing!   



Here’s a single shot of me as well – check out the feathers… Not bad hey?? These babies get me way airborne now, so much so that when mum-mum leaves the lid off the brooder I can clear the sides and land on top of the brooder no problem at all.  Dad-dad is appalled and impressed all at the same time.

Dad can’t help but question how many of us are going to be roosters…..  :-).  They really have no idea – ha haa!  We’re just going to keep them guessing.  


Dad-dad’s watching our behaviour and social posturing, mum-mum’s trying to check out our combs, feathering and how we hold our tails….  

Is quite funny listening to them speculate about it.  They haven’t got a chance…. Bet we can trick them right up to the first ‘crow’.

Ginger's wing

Good morning!  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Ginger, although sometimes mum-mum refers to me as ‘ginger-puss’- not sure why because I am a chicken after all.  I am an araucana cross chick and my egg mum was one of mum-mum’s isabrown egg-layers.  So… of all the hatchlings, mum-mum is quite certain that I will be a girl because unlike the others I have some sex-linked genetics and my browny-gold downy fluff.  Mum-mum thinks this means I’m a girl and  not a stupid cock-eral… :-).  

I’m six days old today!  Mum-mum cannot believe how fast my feathers are growing.  All this growing does make me hungry though, and it suits me to sleep near the food dish, sometimes with my head resting in it…

Ginger, 6 days old

 there’s no harm in that, it’s just convenient – why waste time and energy with all that rushing around that the others do?  

Anyway, I know mum-mum just loves me to pieces, because I’m so beautiful and pretty… and because of my lovely quiet temperament (especially in comparison to those wild araucana’s).


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We are a bunch of araucana chicks growing up in Brisbane, Australia. We have a dedicated human family:- There's mum-mum and dad-dad, a cat named Sasha, and most recently a puppy they call Rufus... as well as an extended family of other chooks. Mum-mum has hand reared us in a broody palace that dad built us, but eventually as we get bigger... we make our way into the big outside world.



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