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new brooderDad-dad has been busy in the last few weeks making room for more chickens. With two hatches of Araucana and a third bunch on the way, broody hens in the coop (yes… Houdini and Pippi are acting very determindly broody), and the new Welsummers, there is potential for there to be not enough room for all these babies!  Dad-dad has not banned mum-mum from further incubation yet… but that can’t be too far away. Sooty and Eva are enjoying their new cat-proof broody box that is sitting on dad’s desk.  It’s a good temporary home while Dad-dad finishes the chicken-tractor for the ‘teenagers’ to move into, freeing up the broody palace again.

Nutmeg, Casper and Chippie had to live in the shower recess in the spare bathroom for five days, which became a stinky incentive for Dad-dad (who uses that bathroom every morning for a quiet contemplation on life) to finish the tractor started  in January of this year (isn’t mum-mum clever… :-)).

The teenage tractor is now pretty much finished… and fabulous!


Only needs a few finishing touches and all done; the water will be hung off the ground on a chain so height can be adjusted with the growing flock, and the roof is yet to be attached.  The food has been hung under cover so that it’s protected from the weather.

tractor from front

Nutmeg (pictured below) is growing out to be a gorgeous girl (well, we hope girl) and has amazing colouring.

Nutmeg, 6 weeks old

Chippie (pictured below) we suspect is a boy… but would be happy to  be wrong.  While you can’t see it in this photo, s/he has some reddish colouring on the comb, which can be a sign in Araucana at this age of roosterness.  Time will tell though…

Chippie, 6 weeks on

Casper is most shy and protests loudly when handled (sounds like she’s screaming at you) so did not perform well on today’s camera-shoot, but there is always another day.


brooder renos Update on hatchlings from settings two and three. Mum-mum cleaned out our brooder today, and removed the partition so we have more room.  It’s great – we love it this way.  She also fitted some perches for us to play on.  Dad thinks his design is pretty good, but we’re all still waiting for him to finish our teenage quarters…. The big chicks are out in the big girls run now.  They’re roosting like grown up girls, and I hear that mum-mum has put egg-mum Issy and Missy in with them now!  They needed a break from the roosters…



Egg-mum Fifi has gone broody.  She’s really determined to stick with it too.  Mum-mum has tried to disrupt her efforts by taking her off the nest at night but she keeps going back.  Of the three eggs under her, mum-mum thinks one might be growing.  I wonder if she’ll be a good mum??

broody hen

The big chicks thought they’d perch on mum-mum this afternoon… poor mum-mum!


;-araucana chick, 2 wks old

Gidday, I’m one of mum-mum’s “hatch-three” chickies.  She thinks I’m pretty cute.  Well, I am…  I guess 🙂

Mum-mum been a bit distracted the last few weeks and ignoring us.  We squark when she picks us up, and she can’t believe the fuss we make.  She’s been feeding us chick starter mash, and today… she discovered that our crops are full as a goog – I don’t believe she thought they could get so full!  He-hee.  Well, they can!

Me and my chicky-siblings are all pretty much the same colour.  Some of us have some yellow around our necks, but not much – mum-mum is very curious about what colours we’ll end up (see

She’s also hoping we’re girls too, because she’s got no idea what sex the last lot was and is concerned that six of the remaining eight might ALL be roosters!  LOL – time will tell.


Well, mum-mum had to give up on Dad and all his plans to build us our teenage chicken tractor.  We were getting too squashed up in the ol’ brooder box now we’re five weeks old, so mum-mum has put us into the “big girls” pen and put all the big girls and roosters together for awhile.  In the mean-time, I’ve heard Dad-dad ban mum-mum from any more “incubating” until he can catch up with the building.  She has eight (!) other chicks I’ve heard dad say.  Gee… she’s replaced us already!  First she starts selling us off, and now she’s hatchin’ others.

We’ve been in this new home for two sleeps now.  We have been very confused at night about where to sleep and mum-mum has had to come and settle us all down in the brooder box that dad had just cleaned out for the new chicks.  Well…  they CAN’T have IT yet….  ’cause  we still need it!  But, anyway… today we all might have figured out what mum-mum has been trying to tell us for two nights now… we can roost like proper grown up chook-chooks :-).  We tried it out today and mum-mum was very impressed with us.  We even figured out what this ramp is for, but it’s actually pretty easy for us to fly up there all by ourselves.

Oh!  And yesterday… completely forgot to tell you!  Guess wot??  Mum-mum sold more of us off again!  She sold Ginger and one of the blue chicks (mum-mum’s pretty sure they aren’t bros after all)…. but their new mum-mum seemed actually quite nice.  Mum-mum even introduced me to her and ‘Superbec’ said she’d look after Ginger for me so I guess that is ok.  Plenty of chicks around here for me anyway…

And ALL of this actually proves me right again. I, Splinty, am of course still mum-mum’s favouite (even though those who are betting that I’m a rooster are looking more and more spot on the money by every passing day).  Poor old mum-mum… bet she’s wondering how she can keep another rooster around here!!


From eight blue eggs, three of us were hatched, each a different colour.  Mum-mum says we are so quiet and cute and that it’s hard to believe that in four short weeks, us “lil’ balls of fluff” will be  transformed into rampaging baby birds demanding something she describes as ‘mealie worms’.  The worm things sound interesting, but I have no idea what she means by those baby birds…

We have slept most of the day in our mum-build temporary brooder (dad-dad’s slipping…).   Mum-mum has shown some restraint and left us alone.  It’s very scary when she picks us up.  And then there’s that flashing thing she’s addicted to waving at us.  What is THAT all about??

Hi everyone, well we’ve had a real busy week this week and we’re actually officially two weeks old now!  Mum-mum and Dad cannot BELIEVE how much we a) eat, b) run amok, and c) or how fast we grow.  We’re losing our baby-fluff (poor mum-mum, this makes her sad…) and flappin’ up a storm.  Our wing feathers are coming in well and we’re loving it (think Kramer from Seinfeld and you might have some idea of what’s happenin’  in the ol’ brooder.  Yep – it’s been an action-packed week of full-on eating,  jumping, flapping, eating, squarking, growing, eating… and attitude!

Mum-mum’s been taking LOTS of photos of us, so she be posting a bit in the next day or so more updates from the coop. Until then… enjoy the video dad-dad has prepared for your viewing pleasure (ooops…  sorry, were not allowed to call him that – makes him feel silly :-)).

Catch ya later…


Splinty, two weeks old


action-packed-day4Gee we had some fun today!!  We learned this great new trick – scratching and digging.  Mum-mum was impressed and flabbergasted all at the same time as she kept having to clean out our water bowl.  We also ate a LOT of food today, and Dad gave us some more of those wriggly things… wow they taste so good, but you have to be fast because Fatso (eye  roll) gets in real quick and runs away wih the lot!

I did know right from the start that mum-mum was rather taken with me.  She kept chatting to me and taking my photo… Then next thing I know she’s putting this bandaid splint-thing on my legs!!  splinted-chick It was very confusing for me because it made it very hard to stand up or walk… and really, I’d only just mastered doing it as it was.  

Dad and mum-mum had an argument too.  Dad had to hold me while mum-mum stuck this stuff to my legs.  Dad told her she was being ridiculous and overly dramatic.  I’m not sure what he meant.  

Mum had to consult with Backyard Poultry before she calmed down about it (see post).  It took her AGES to realise that she’d stuck a tiny bit of bandaid onto my wing.  Dad was the one who noticed, and he helped her cut it out of my fluff.  Anyway, the next day she took the splinty-thing off again, and after some adjustment time I think I have this walking this down to a fine art.  Also, this whole experience has shown me that I am truly her most favorite… after all she named ME first.


day-old-ara-31Hello everyone,

my name is chicky (aka ‘splinty’ because I’m having trouble controlling my legs) and I’m an araucana chicken.  We araucana’s are actually a rare old chook, descended from Chile.  We lay eggs with bluish greenish tinted egg shells, which is pretty cool. I’ve been adopted by these two humans (you know… homo-sapiens…) and mum-mum, well… how can I say it… she’s just a bit nutty when it comes to chicks I think.

Splinty gets a fright


I had only chipped out of my shell only a few hours before mum-mum took my picture. It was a bit scary when the flash went though! I don’t know WHAT she was thinking… 

I was hatched with a whole heap of other chicks – 12 I think (mum-mum keeps counting us, so I’ve learned how to do that now). She has no idea which of us are boys or girls yet, and we’re not about to tell her either.  The boys will give us up eventually with their crowing and then we’ll see if she really loves us I guess.  She reckons that she will be able to figure it out in four weeks. Ha! She can try.  

I’ve been hatched for about 3 days now.  Mum-mum keeps exclaiming about how much we’ve grown, and Dad keeps going on about what a brilliant brooder he’s made us.  I must admist that the control knob on the light is pretty ingenious as they can control the temp in here pretty easily with it.  It’s quite amusing to see mum-mum fuss over the temperature all the time.  You know this morning she bounced out of bed real early to check on us (no sleep in today).  She couldn’t believe how much we’d eaten overnight –  but hey, we have a LOT of growing to do.  It’s almost painful, you know?  Have to keep stretching and flapping…  Our instincts are on overdrive(!)  ….and all this growing is rather tiring.  Mum-mum (and Dad too) keep laughing when one of us starts falling asleep on our feet.  Really, you’d think they’d be a bit more sympathetic.

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We are a bunch of araucana chicks growing up in Brisbane, Australia. We have a dedicated human family:- There's mum-mum and dad-dad, a cat named Sasha, and most recently a puppy they call Rufus... as well as an extended family of other chooks. Mum-mum has hand reared us in a broody palace that dad built us, but eventually as we get bigger... we make our way into the big outside world.



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