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At the beginning of last winter we bought Rufus his first kennel, thinking it might survive better than all the different outdoor beds we have bought him that he chewed a hole in and gutted. And… it has… more or less. Well – the less part is certainly true. As the destruction halted once he’d removed a full side of the entrance.  We have dubbed his behaviour ‘renovating’ the kennel, and he certainly seems happier with it this way with it’s new and enhanced wide front entrance.

Chewing in Rufus’ case is not just a puppy thing. It’s a way of being.



Mum-mum decided that today she was going to open the “worm-gate” and really and truly let us out of the brooder!  We’ve been a bit cramped because someone  *eyeroll*  (hint – he refers to poor mum-mum as a NAG, which is so untrue and VERY unkind…) has not built our adolescent quarters yet…  despite many promises and excuses over the last week…

freerangingIt was thrilling and terrifying all at the same time being allowed out and about.  We’d scuttle out and eat grass… and pick at things… and then someone would get a fright and jump vertically in the air (totally clearing the brooder…), and screech! Then we’d all burn rubber back into our safe broody box for awhile (about 20 seconds, actually) and then we’d all go and do it again.

Of course, I actually wasn’t scared at all.  I thought it was pretty cool…  I was pretty cool actually, and got a good strut going.  I did a full lap of the brooder – it was fine.  

Ginger, 4wks old

Ginger, 4wks old

It’s not like mum-mum wasn’t there the whole time and if we (erhmm… *cough*) the others freaked out she’d just call to us and we’d run to her and see the worm-gate and climb back inside. Ginger was pretty cool with it all too – she’s one classy chick, even though she’s a cross-breed – it’s the legs I think that do it for me, she’s just so leggy and poised….

Mum-mum took my photo again for all my cyber-fans…  Guess wot?? I’m a month old now.

Anyway, catch ya.



flippy-gets-the-wormOur lunch snack today was meal worms… yum!!  Dad got over his squeamishness about handling them because he wanted to feed us.  When the worms came out, everyone started running around like mad things, and the cheeping and noise was ridiculous as chicks ran in all directions with worms.  Fatso got the most today – Speedy was really off form.  Oh well.

You might wonder why mum-mum has called me Flippy- well it’s because I’m the chick most likely to be found standing in the water bowl.  It reminds me of my egg and is soothing to me.  You think I’m exaggerating?  Check back here on this post (who’s taking the swimming lesson??)

I like it… so??  It doesn’t make me a big baby!

Speedy, 2 days old



Speedy, 2 days old

Well hello there!

My name is Speedy, and mum-mum dubbed me ‘speedy’ as I was the first chick to master jumping out of the brooder when the hatch is opened.  I’ve gotten very good at it actually.  Others have figured it out too – Fatso can do it, and so can Splinty.  Pippi could if she tried, but she doesn’t bother much.  Some of the other chicks are just hopeless at it and can’t seem to get enough air under their wings to clear the side.  Why bother?  Well, I noticed pretty early on that the hatch opening meant that some juicy morsel might be coming our way and I really didn’t want to miss out -especially as Fatso is so dammed fast at grabbing the treats!  I heard Dad say he’s making plans to increase the height of the hatch opening…. Hmmm, that will just make it more of a challenge!

5 day-old araucana x black hybrid-layer cross

Fatso, 5 days old

Perhaps it’s not very nice for us to call him Fatso, but hey – it’s her problem if she gets all bent out of shape over it.  Shee is, after all, not like us pure breed araucana’s – her egg mum was a black layer, and everyone knows that they are really “common”.

swimming-lessons1You might be  wondering what we’ve been up to today.  Well, mum-mum installed a swimming pool for us – yeah it was great until we all got wet and cold… and tired. Everyone kept trying to burrow under to get to the  best and warmest spot under the heat lamp,  and then everyone would cheep and shuffle… and we’d almost be settled and asleep, then… Bam!  Someone else goes and tries to steal the best spots.  It was incredibly annoying, but mum-mum fixed it.  She turned the heat up and we all zonked out for ages…


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We are a bunch of araucana chicks growing up in Brisbane, Australia. We have a dedicated human family:- There's mum-mum and dad-dad, a cat named Sasha, and most recently a puppy they call Rufus... as well as an extended family of other chooks. Mum-mum has hand reared us in a broody palace that dad built us, but eventually as we get bigger... we make our way into the big outside world.



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